Saturday, March 11, 2006

Essential Amino Acid and protein consumption

Okay I had this arrogant fucktard lecture me today about essential amino acids to make himself feel better. Why you ask? Well someone was reliving their experience at a Whole Foods demonstration about tofu. Since I'm looking for alternative food sources with sufficient protein. Tofu seemed pretty good with the 11g in 1/5 a slab from a package.

But then I asked a question about whether or not the protein in tofu was complete or not. The guy I was having a discussion with said this:

"All soybean products, such as tofu and soymilk, are complete proteins. They contain the essential amino acids plus several other nutrients. Available in health food stores, tofu, soy oil, soy flour, soy-based meat substitutes, soy cheese, and many other soy products are healthful ways to complement the meatless diet."

To which I responded "thats odd...of all the beans in the world only the s! oy has a complete protein. *shrug*"

Thats when the asshole reared his head on some "what is an incomplete protein exactly?"

Now granted I don't agree with his approach but he's a tyranical vegan bent on using as little in life as possible (had his electricity cut off recently and is now considering leaving it off due to the quiet).

Anyway from a weightlifting point of view what exactly is the truth? I mean I've been going off the whole combining legumes and grains to get a complete protein but not only did the fucktard make sure to tell me that that information is outdated but I also found it out myself in trying to defend myself. He went off on a tangent about how much "we" really need as humans and how it was also recently found out that we store amino acids too.

I'm more concerned about the whole 1 gram per bodyweight rule and whether or not getting all the essential amino acids will matter.