Friday, May 12, 2006

Stop cigarette smoking at the table.

To those players who object to cigarette smoking at the table, there is an easy solution to the problem:  Simply refuse to sit at the table while someone is smoking. The fact is that 3 out of 4 people do not smoke; therefore, the only reason that smoking is permitted at the poker table is because non-smokers permit themselves to be smoked on.

I suggest that non-smokers organize a  "stand-up". Sort of a reverse sit-in. Perhaps it would work something like this:

!. Form a group of non-smokers who frequent your cardroom.

2. Draft a letter tho the cardroom manager proposing that smoking be restricted to an area away form the tables, and informing him of your plans to support that decision.  Point out that the rake in a 3 handed game is very low.

3. When someone lights a cigarette at the table politely  leave until they are done. Take your friends with you an! d invite anyone else who sympathises to come along.

Cardroom executives are not necessarily pro smoking.They are for a certainty pro business.  I feel that this tactic would achieve the desired result in a very short time.

Let me know if there is anyone interested in testing this idea.


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