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The Arthritis Miracle !

Collastin TM - The Arthritis Miracle !

Yes - Now you really can:

Eliminate Stiffness, Immobility, Joint Pain, any of the itis's, repair and rebuild cartilage- AND Reverse the Aging Process at the same time!

It's WD-40 for the body! - "SEE and FEEL the Difference"

As we mature and become more satisfied with our lives, we often find that our minds are in a better state than our bodies.  In facts, we often feel more relaxed mentally and yet alert and more confident than when we were younger.  But physically we are frequently less supple, flexible and active than we would like.  Further, there are often more lines and lack of elasticity in the skin we would prefer.

However, turning back the clock is much more possible than ever before. We can look in the mirror and see the difference, if we capture the exact constituents necessary for rejuvenation!  There is no reason to wait any longer.  Our Scientific Team has! the answer, right now! Collastin TM has been called a "simply remarkable discovery" by top health and wellness specialists.

Collastin TM provides an opportunity for everyone approaching their thirties and beyond to finally control premature aging.  As stated by former to U.S. Navy Research Physiologist Robert Hesslink, Jr., Ph.D., "Collastin TM targets areas within the body which can make difference between a life full of activity and freedom of movement and being bound by discomfort and immobility."  Indeed, compelling evidence shows that is a product that works.  The ingredients found synergistically blended in our formulations have undergone years of extensive testing* for effectiveness.  It truly is possible to feel better than you did at 18 and appreciate life more!  Become as supple and flexible - inside and out - just as your family and friends remember you.  In fact, we should all be able to bounce ! out of bed, touch our toes, and bend over to pick up a dime with ease and agility. Live life to the fullest!  Daily life should not be filled with pysical stress and strain.  Play sports with your children and grandchildren.  Say goodbye to stiffness and reduced freedom of movement.  What once was lost can be regained.  Improved suppleness and flexibility can be yours!  You must take control of your own health.  Take responsibility for your own body and how you look and feel each day with the perfect product and ingredients which work in concert to bring out the very best in you!

The revolutionary compound - Collastin, as found in our product, is a highly bioavailable proprietary blend comprised of multiple fatty acid esters produced using a unique micro-fractionation process. A proprietary process employing fractional distillation results in a unique blend of cetyl fatty esters including 40% Cetyl Myristoleate. This important compound was first discovered in the early 1970's by researcher H! arry W. Diehl, Ph.D. during his 40 years on staff at the National Institute of Health.

Collastin TM contains other fatty acid esters including cetyloeate which Dr. Diehl now considers a synergistic component necessary for maximum effectiveness.  The Collastin TM complex is furher micro-encapsulated with lysolecithin to aid in emulsification and to provide enhanced bioavailability.

*(Studies conducted on the compounds used in the formulations include those from the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda Maryland the University of Murcia Spain, the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center in New York and The Department of Anatomy and Physiology, Royal Melbourne of Technology, Bundoora Australia)

What this means to individuals who find that they feel stiff with lessened mobility, is that there is now an effective solution. Additionally, we feel more supple, we have better posture, we stand up straight and tall,  feeli! ng better and more energtic! It's only natural. Feeling good on the i nside mean looking better on the outside.  When our limbs feel strong and free a nice long walk or a night of dancing, the joy of living shows in our faces. Indeed, we look and feel our best when we are active.

Remember, what takes place on the inside becomes evident on the outside. Experts agree, the body remarkably repairs itself when given the right components.  A wonderfully exciting side benefit with our super saturation formula and our maintance formula is measurable skin improvement.  The skin and a more youthful you emerges on the outside!

It's true.  The ingredients contained in these two products with Collastin TM have been demonstrated to provide a softer, more youthful appearance to the skin! That's right By providing the building blocks of collagen and elastin, fine lines and stress areas on the skin begin to smooth out.

HOW DOES THIS EXCLU! SIVE SYSTEM WORK SCIENTIFICALLY? * It acts as a lubricant to joints, arteries, and tissues. * It modulates immune system function * It healps repair and rebuild cartilage * It increases the level of the collagen in the skin, yielding elasticity, better skin tone, suppleness and a more youthful appearance overall.

Looking and Feeling Younger Everday is Now a Reality. "The Ultimate Rejuventation Product - for results you can see and feel everyday of your life..."

Our super saturation formula provides Collastin TM at the level necessary for the initial first month restoration and repair "loading" period. After the first month, only our maintainace formula is nessary to provide continuing rebuilding and regeneration.

Our maintenance formula provides, Collastin, Glucosamine, Ester C, Boswellin, Sea Cucumber, Zinc, and Manganese.

Glucosamine is an integral component of a category of structural elements in our bodies known as glycos! aminoglycans.  Without adequate amounts of Glucosamine, research ers have found that cartilage, legaments, tendons and blood vessels lack integrity, leaving them vulnerable to damage and subsequent discomfort.

Another vital ingredient present in our maintenance formula is Ester C, essential for collagen synthesis and repair.  In addition, the formula provides the proprietary natural extract Boswellin from the herb Boswellia Serrata.  This time-tested botanical has been documented for centuries for its effectiveness.

Additionally, our maintenance formula supplies the trace minerals zinc and manganese, necessary for the activity of innumerable enzymes, many of them required for the body to mainufacture connective tissues and cartilage.  Also in this amazing formula we find sea cucumber, a rich source of mucopolysaccarides, to help in the production of synovial fluid (the body's build-in shock absorber present in the joints). As you can see easily tell, this product is something you will not want to be wit! hout.

Taken together the first month, our super saturation formula and our maintenance formula accomplish two very important things.  The system provides the necessary elements which promotes tissue restoration and improved flexibility while simultaneously promoting youthful skin!

Recommendations for use.  Take four (4) of our super saturation capsules and two (2) of our maintenance capsules each day for the first month. Four (4) natural gelatin capsules of our super saturation formula provides no less than one thousand one hundred milligrams of the ingridient, Collastin TM.

Collastin is a unique ingredient produced by a properientary micro-fractioned process delivering the highest quality Cety Myristoleate complex available.

Two (2) natural gelatin capsules of our maintenance formula provides: Glucosamine Hydrochloride (750mg.)  Collastin TM (185mg.); Vitiman C as Ester C & trade; (300mg which is 500% of the Adult Daily Value (! DV), Manganese (Citratel) (2mg. which is 100% of the Adult Daily Valu e (DV). Following this peroid, it is recommended that our maintanance formula be taken on an on-going basis every day.

Again, our super saturation formula is required only for this first thirty (30) days for restoration and repair, and after the fist month, our maintenance formula supplies special nutrients necessary for continual regneraltion and rejuvenation.

This information is intended for education purposes only.  It is not intended for the treatment, cure, diagnosis or mitigation of a disease or condition.  Person with potentially serious medical conditions should seek professional care.

For more inforamtion...Email Colgate1@concentric. net

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